Quick, easy, secure & reliable assembly solution

From small impact socket to 100% accuracy and traceability for a ‘Zero FaultProduction’.

Complex workplace solutions from design, construction to installation and delivery of tools

During work, every action has to be an accurate one and tidiness and discipline are the key to efficiency and safety.


Power tools

Nutrunners, riveting tools, screwdrivers, grinding tools

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zeleny halter

Assembly fixture

Customized assembly equipment & fixtures

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torque tools

Torque tools

All torque/angle results can be documented.

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Frames & Trolleys

Logistics and workshop equipment.

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hand tools

Hand tools

Operating and workshop equipment and sets of tools.

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Measuring equipment

Measuring equipment and customized testers.

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PHEV & BEV tools

High-Voltage adapters, chargers, tools and fixtures.

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Manipulator & hangers

Simple manipulators, hangers and lifting equipment.

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Tools and production technology are our passion.

On complex workplaces we work with our designers and structural engineers to find effective solution and to solve even the most difficult challenges.

All of our service levels include


A team of designers with high expertise.

Perfect tools & process setup

We have numerous experiences in the segment of the tools.

Structural engineers

Our clients benefit from our many years of experience in structural design.

Welding and cutting

From modular components to welded structures.

3D printing

We use the most modern production methods.

Carbone composites

Production from carbon fiber (winding) and carbon fabrics (by using molds).

CNC mill and lathe machine

From standard lathes to 5-axis cnc milling centers.


Design and implementation of customized products, equipment and tools.


We will be happy to know what you are planning and what we can help you with.

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